Imagine This...

  • You roll out of bed, and for the first time ever, you aren't nervous to see what you look like. You are content and confident knowing that you weren't going to be waking up to yet another painful, red monster growing on your face.
  • You get ready and go to work. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the rearview mirror on the way there. You actually like what you see, and are totally digging the way you look. Finally you don't have to feel embarrassed to face your customers and coworkers.
  • Later on, you go on a date with that guy you really like and decide to stay overnight at his place. You say yes without hesitation because you feel sexy, beautiful, and know that your naturally clear skin is going to look great in the morning - even before putting on makeup (but you don't even really wear that anymore anyway because you don't need it)
  • The next day is your day off, and you head to the beach with your friends. It's no big deal... you're no longer worried about things like water or sweat melting your makeup off and revealing your broken out skin... because your skin is so gorgeously smooth, there is only fun and no anxiety
  • You feel confident and free in all areas of your life! You finally feel like the dynamite woman you always knew you were, with the kick ass skin to match.

All of the Above Can Become Your Reality;
All You Have to Do is Choose It

The above is my reality now.

My skin is gorgeous. Smooth. And I don't use any bottles of face wash or acne cream; and I'm not on birth control pills. Nor did I use Accutane or antibiotics to achieve this.

My skin is just naturally clear now. And I wake up feeling excited instead of scared to have to get through another day hanging my head in embarrassment, hoping people around me don't feel disgusted by the bumpy, rough, red landscape that used to be my skin.

I know how embarrassing acne is. Not just embarrassing, but more like completely, horrendously, emotionally painful. Acne has been the biggest personal challenge of my entire life, and you can probably relate.

When I had acne:

  • I was utterly depressed when I looked into the mirror; the future looked bleak and I often cried
  • I withdrew socially and make up excuses to not see friends or go out
  • My life was completely filled with anxiety from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed
  • I was completely horrified at the idea of being close to the opposite sex

Below is what my skin used to look like, and what it looks like now.

PS - I'm not wearing facial makeup here aside from a few tiny dabs of concealer. This is my real, natural skin. In fact, I didn't even wash my face that day; that's how easy taking care of my skin is now:

Big difference, huh? You can really see the pain in my eyes, and how things have changed.

I now feel:

  • Beautiful and comfortable in my own skin
  • A sense of intense freedom, like I can go anywhere, do anything, and look anyone straight in the eye
  • Confident, sexy, and carefree. No more anxiety!

"I have never been happier with the results from what Tracy has taught me"

I was struggling with stress acne that was mostly red spots on my cheeks and cystic acne. I have never been happier with the results from what Tracy has taught me.

My acne has decreased dramatically and my emotional stress is completely gone because I learned how to manage it. In addition, I also learned about nutrition and the way I eat now has also changed my skin for the better.

- Joanie, 21, Arizona

"I believe this website & the Naturally Clear Skin ebook saved my life"

Dealing with acne & perioral dermatitis was a horrible blow to my sanity and self esteem. I believe this website & the info in the Naturally Clear Skin ebook saved my life. For a little while I was in a very dark place with this skin condition and nobody seemed to have anything better to offer than useless topicals.

It helped me heal my perioral dermatitis completely, stopped the acne which is now about 95% healed, gave me courage and confidence to take matters into my own hands and stop waiting for useless doctors to help me. You’ve offered me tremendous moral support and gave me the courage to stop wearing makeup!

- Diane L, 37, New Brunswick

"Tracy, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and my skin"

Your e-book TOTALLY put the pieces together for me and has helped me to see a new me in the midst of all the self destruction and impulsiveness that I burden myself with.

I already look and feel better because of your tips. You have inspired me to be a better person in so many different ways - without having you as guidance and support, I would have nothing.

- Karah B

So what's the secret?

How do you get clear skin that just stays clear naturally? Without having to use products and drugs and creams that all have unpleasant - and sometimes very dangerous - side effects, and don't really work that well anyway?

Well as I discovered in my own acne journey, acne has hardly anything to do with what you put on your face (well, unless what you're using is making the acne a lot worse.... hint: it probably is!).

Acne is actually mainly caused by imbalances that occur in your body due to a poor diet and lifestyle.

When I first found out about this, I was pretty skeptical that changing your diet and lifestyle would really work. It all sounded too fluffy - after all, I wanted to hit that acne hard!! I assumed aggressive treatment was the only way to treat an aggressive problem.

But I started to read more and more about this and it all started to make such obvious sense.

Acne is not caused by dirt on your skin. Acne comes from within! Your skin is an organ – your body’s largest organ – and the health of it is determined by the health of your inner body. If we treat our bodies poorly, like most of us do in this day and age, then our skin reflects that.

But the good news is that your body is absolutely miraculous and can actually heal itself. Otherwise we’d never recover from a cut finger, a broken bone, or the flu.

Therefore, your body can also heal itself from acne. In fact, it really wants to. But it simply can’t while we continue to abuse our bodies. It needs the tools of good health that we just aren't giving it.

Give Your Body the Tools It Needs
And it Will Clear Your Skin For You

I also came to the realization that every acne cream and medication that is marketed to you through the mainstream media and medical system is all a complete and utter sham.

99% of acne cream makers & pharmaceutical companies don’t actually WANT you to get permanently clear – otherwise they wouldn’t make any money from selling and prescribing you creams and drugs!

None of these “cures” ever really cures you from acne, because they never get to the root of what is actually causing the problem. Don’t you see? It only covers it up until the acne breaks through the defenses and comes back!

So I decided to give this natural, holistic stuff a shot. After all, nothing else had ever really worked very well for me.

And you know what? It worked like an absolute charm, and very quickly. I was surprised.

Within three months I went from severe acne down to zero active acne, thanks 100% to these safe, natural lifestyle tricks. And I could have done it a lot faster if I knew what I knew now after years of talking to thousands of women about their skin.

Not only did I look way better, I felt better, I had more energy - and I did not have to use strong, harmful drugs like Accutane that can come with some pretty scary and serious side effects.

I thank the universe every day that the answers came to me and I figured out that you could clear acne naturally and safely - and keep it away. Both my skin and my life is immensely better because of it.

My Naturally Clear Skin System Has the Answers
You Need for Effective, Permanent Results

I know how much you're struggling just like I was! I want to help you. And I can.

I'm going to share with you the magic formula that I've spent years perfecting for how to do this the most quick and effective way possible.

When you purchase Naturally Clear Skin, you get my step-by-step, no-holds-barred system on how to make the changes in your life that are going to lead to the solid, effective results in your skin.

Here's What You Get With My Naturally Clear Skin Package

This ebook is packed FULL of information that you can use right away to start clearing your skin. The secrets of permanently clear skin are actually not secrets – it involves changing your diet, reducing your stress, using a gentle skin care routine, and getting more sleep and exercise (as well as some special acne-specific tricks for healing your digestive system and hormones, which are both heavily linked to acne) .

This should be straight forward, but there is a LOT of conflicting information out there these days. The more you try to figure out what the right things to do are, the harder it seems to become.

What I do for you is take the confusion out of this process and lay it out for you plainly so that you can put it into action quickly and easily, and get the skin of your dreams as fast as possible.

While it’s impossible to say exactly how long it will take for each person to get clear, once the principles in Naturally Clear Skin are fully implemented, you can start to see improvement within a couple of weeks and the majority of people can get almost to fully clear with this system in about 4 to 6 weeks. Some will take a bit longer.

You do have to work at it though. This system is not for people just looking for a quick fix – so if that is you, I suggest you do not buy the book.

This ebook is for people who are sick of the acne industry’s BS and want the truth. It’s for people who want to make a permanent, lasting, positive change in their skin and in their lives. It’s for people who truly want to get to the root cause of acne and make it a thing of the past.


But don’t worry, I don’t require you to become some kind of health freak who runs marathons every weekend, or gives up your favourite foods indefinitely, or exclusively eats carrots and celery.

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is both fun and fulfilling, and the way of eating I describe in my book is incredibly satisfying so that you never feel deprived. I'm all about balance, leniency, and finding what's right for you - not rigid, anxiety producing rules! 🙂

"I have had fairly smooth, clearer skin and less painful cystic acne"

I had hormonal cystic acne, usually 2 to 4 painful cystic breakouts on or very near my jawline. I ordered the Naturally Clear Skin package back in May, and as a direct result of implementing what I learned from it, I have had fairly smooth, clearer skin and less painful cystic acne.

I also feel good about using more natural products on my skin and not those filled with parabens and other sorts of chemicals!

- Orisa S, 42, North Carolina

"My skin is getting clearer, my energy is up, and I’m overall much happier!"

I purchased Naturally Clear Skin to treat my acne, especially along my jawline… learning the importance of your top secret acne fighting food has been huge! I have been only implementing the program gradually but I already see results.

I am just now starting to go full force and I’m super excited! My skin is getting clearer, energy up, and I’m overall much happier!

- Maria C, 26, Boston

"The information I got from reading this book was the secret ingredient I was missing"

Let me start by saying if you’re thinking of buying the book, DO IT! You will NOT regret it, I promise. I have been on Accutane twice and still had acne, so I know. Tracy’s website and videos had already inspired me to start making small changes, but the information I got from reading her book was the secret ingredient I was missing.

I now know I’m actually treating what causes the acne and as long as I stay consistent, a spot here or there will clear up pretty quickly and really doesn’t bother me anymore. Because for the most part, my acne is gone! Using the information in the book to permanently cure my acne trumps a quick fix any day!

- Lindzy P, California

Here's What You Will Learn in Naturally Clear Skin - valued at $99

  • Exactly why you still have acne after all this time
  • Why you live the same lifestyle as a friend, but you get acne and they don’t
  • Why nothing from the dermatologist ever works properly
  • The real deal behind acne hormones, what the top hormones responsible for acne are, and what to do about it
  • What foods cause acne
  • Which foods heal acne, including my NUMBER ONE acne fighting super food
  • The obvious and simple food principle that everyone forgets
  • The hidden, silent killer that may be giving you acne!
  • How to reduce stress and be happy no matter what
  • A special technique I use for harnessing the power of my mind to clear acne
  • Exactly what I use on my skin and my very favourite all natural skin care ingredient
  • An awesome homemade mask that tightens pores and smooths the skin but only costs pennies
  • The three most important principles for healthy digestion and how to achieve them
  • How to live healthfully if you’re on a budget
  • Actionable advice on how to balance out female hormonal acne
  • The hidden and ignored cause of long term, stubborn acne problems
  • Find out exactly what to expect while your skin heals
  • The exact step by step plan for getting clear, staying clear, and living happily ever after!

With this easily laid out information, there is no way that you won’t be able to put this into action quickly and achieve the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of.

You're going to look great, feel great, and have more confidence than you've ever had.

You Also Get These Completely Free Bonus Videos:

Bonus Video 1 - What I Eat Each Day For Clear Skin - valued at $25

What I Eat Each Day for Clear SkinIn this video, I'll take you through an entire day of eating with me and you’ll find out what I love to eat for radiant skin – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Makes it easy as on you as you get to learn by example
  • Everything I eat is healthy and amazingly tasty
  • See it with your own eyes

Bonus Video 2 - A Tour of My Fridge and Cupboards - valued at $25

What's in Clear Skin FridgeIn this video, I take you on a journey through my fridge and cupboards so that you can see exactly how I do it and make your grocery shopping a breeze.

  • See the exact ingredients I use to keep my skin clear
  • Perfect for visual learners
  • Fantastic inspiration for stocking your own acne free kitchen


"You have helped me so so much with your info!!! Thank you!!!!"

I was suffering from really severe hormonal acne. Thanks to you, I learned that my acne was not all about the external stuff I was cleaning my face with and that most all my acne was because of my gut and hormones!

You have helped me so so much with your info!!! Thank you!!!! My skin is doing so much better after I began taking a few of the supplements you recommend and eating cleaner… 🙂 I even lost weight!

- Christy G, 18, Texas

"I don’t feel the need to hide my face. I get to be me again"

I purchased your clear skin ebook to help me get rid of my cystic acne - I had a ton of it! It was soooo painful and horrible! The information about diet and gut health was very helpful. The most important information I have taken from you, however, is how important it is to not let your skin rule how you live or see yourself. I was beginning to fall into a pretty deep depression since I had tried pretty much everything to clear my skin, and your positive words helped to pull me out.

As a result of all this, my skin has GREATLY cleared! I still get a couple small breakouts here and there, but nothing like before. I think the biggest change is that when I get these breakouts, I don’t freak out, and I don’t feel the need to hide my face. I get to be me again.

- Vaness P, 28, Washington

"I only started making changes 5 days ago, and I’ve already noticed an improvement!"

I had mild to moderate acne on my face, chest, and back prior to getting the Naturally Clear Skin guide from you… it was very helpful at teaching me how to take a holistic, lifestyle-changing approach to treating my acne and helping me understand how and why acne really happens.

I only started making changes 5 days ago, and I’ve already noticed an improvement in my digestion, my skin, and my overall physical and emotional health. It seems like it could be the magic bullet for me!! Thank you for what you do, Tracy! 🙂

- Tegan, 18, Vermont

Wait a Minute... Who Are You Again?

Tracy RaftlI’m an author, blogger, and health advocate for over 50,000 women who have used my guidance to transform their skin and life into something they truly love.

I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Harvest Your Health, The Wellness Wonderland, and many other blog & media outlets. As featured on My mission is to:

  • Inspire, motivate, and empower you to know that you can change your skin (and change your life for the better in the process)
  • Give you the exact tools, strategies, systems and support you need to achieve your clear skin goals
  • Show you how you can reach a point where you love your skin—AND your life.

I've Been Where You Are!

I’ve fought with acne and the terrible, devastating emotions that have come with it - and won.

I know what it’s like to face frustration and overwhelm with acne treatments, to feel as though you’re giving it your all and getting nowhere fast; to wonder why you can’t seem to stay on track or why it’s not working the way you hoped it would (again!).

I know what it’s like to live in fear of the next pimple surfacing under the skin.

But I’ve learned how to ditch the addictive dependence on harsh chemicals and face washes, change my lifestyle into a healthier one without being crazy about it - and found out what it really takes to have permanently clear skin.

And today, I enjoy a healthy lifestyle that is balanced, enjoyable, and doesn’t feel like a chore! (I haven’t even given up my favourite foods.)

I look and feel exactly the way I want to look and feel.

I’m confident and proud to not wear makeup and let my skin go bare.

And now I want to show you how to do the same so that you look and feel amazing, every day.

But I’ve Already Bought So Many Things
That Promise Clear Skin…
How Do I Know This is Different?

Top reasons why this is better than anything else you’ve tried:

  • It actually works. I’m not just saying that… just look at my face. Watch the videos on my website. I am a real person who really dealt with severe acne and cleared it with the information in this book
  • I have helped hundreds of people improve their skin with just the free information I give away on my website. This book is full of extra special secrets that will take you over the edge and guarantee you come out the other side with a flawless complexion.
  • The results are permanent. This book heals the root cause of acne, so you don’t have to fear every day that acne is going to come back.
  • This system is empowering. Never again will you be at the mercy of someone else to help you clear your skin – you will have all the information you need to control your own health, your own destiny, and make your own dreams come true.
  • This book is comprehensive. Great for people new to holistic healing, and for the intermediate crowd. I don’t leave anything out so that you know exactly what you need to do without spending hours doing extra research or buying other books!
  • This system 100% natural and safe. This guide is free of harsh side effects that are commonplace with expensive medical treatments. The only side effects are clear skin, improved energy, and beautiful mental clarity.
  • This book is 100% free of added catches. This system is a bargain – you don’t need to buy anything else, just good food to eat!

"I am almost 100% acne free!"

I was filled with acne. Over my cheeks and entire face. You have helped me a lot. Your advices about diet, cosmetic, mind, and exercise, etc. Every advice is amazing. I am almost 100% acne free!!!

- Maria G, 27, Mexico

"I have soooo much more confidence now!"

I purchased your Naturally clear skin ebook around October last year and have found it a life saver!! I just can’t thank you enough for how you have changed my life for the better - I have soooo much more confidence now. And with this new found confidence I got a boyfriend too, which for me was a great reward haha.

I’d also like to say that I have been converted to never going back to doctors again for my acne - your holistic techniques for healing skin has not only made a complete difference in the way that I don’t get any side effects (I used to get terrible side effects from the stuff the doctor prescribed) but has also made me feel different inside, it’s hard to describe but it feels like I’m a free’d person and everything seems to feel so healthy and how it should be inside. And let’s not forget to mention the acne itself!

- Samantha L.

"This book & The Love Vitamin have changed my life"

I bought your book “Naturally Clear Skin”, where I found very useful information on diet, how our body works, skin care products and supplements.

I have to say that doing all these changes not only had these good results on my skin, but also on my mind and body in general. I’ve learnt to listen to my body, and because of this, I feel more energetic and healthy. It’s been one year since I discovered The Love Vitamin and it changed my life.

- Andrea, 27, Spain

Recap of What You Get With the Naturally Clear Skin Package:

  • 200 Page 'Naturally Clear Skin' Ebook - valued at $99
  • FREE Bonus Video - What I Eat Each Day For Clear Skin - valued at $25
  • FREE Bonus Video - Tour of My Fridge and Cupboards - valued at $25

The whole package is worth $149, but you can get it right now for only $29.

This is an incredibly good deal. This is literally less than ONE bottle of some fancy facewash that you wouldn't hesitate to buy. And the value is based off what you would pay if you went to see a naturopath or some other professional who would tell you almost exactly the same information that you're getting here. Instead you get it for 80% off!

Think of how much money you’ve spent over the years on conventional acne treatments. In comparison, this is going to be the best investment you've ever made. Are you really telling me your feeling of confidence, happiness, and having the clear skin of your dreams isn't worth less than a dollar a day for only one month?

You're worth it. And you know it.

First off i just want to thank you for this great website you have created. I’m a college student trying to achieve clear skin the holistic way and it is a challenge. I spent $150 going to a naturopath and she told told me everything you did in your book! So people just do not realize the deal they are really getting by getting your book so cheap!

- Mark Y, Virginia

Hello Tracy,

I wanted to thank you for putting together such a clear way to clear skin. I am an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner who specializes in the treatment of dermatological conditions. I have already recommended your e-book to a couple of my clients and I will be recommending it to more.

I often hear from patients that they need know what to eat and what not to eat and to have it accessible and in a clear format. Your e-book lays this out very well along with offering simple and effective natural skin care techniques, stress reduction exercises, and much more for an overall holistic approach to clear skin. Thank you!

Joseph Tonzola L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., Acupuncturist
Joseph Tonzola L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., Acupuncturist JS Wellness

Not Happy? Just Return It! No Questions Asked

Want to know what's even better? If for any reason you're not happy with this package, just shoot us an email within 60 days and you'll get your money right back. Absolutely no questions asked.

So there you go. There's really no reason you can't get this ebook and clear your skin now. There's absolutely NO risk, and I really don't mind giving this money back guarantee because I’m that confident that this book is going to help you finally achieve that flawless skin it seems like everyone else has already got.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase the package and don’t find something within the first 5 minutes that makes this investment completely worth it, just send us an email and you’ll get your money right back. Guaranteed, no questions asked.

This is Your Moment, Beautiful. Let's Do This.

So are you ready?

Are you excited?

I think you are because I think that you know, deep down in your little heart, that this is it. This is the turning point.

This is the moment when you're going to say YES and make the changes that are going to result in you being the most beautiful, healthy, and BEST version of yourself. The moment where life becomes easy because you are finally going to have the clear skin you need to feel amazing.

This is it. Let's do this!

Just click below and it's yours, just $149 $29 today:

"I feel confident, beautiful, and like my skin is finally glowing"

I had moderate to severe hormonal acne, peri-oral dermatitis, skin sensitivities. I was ready for Accutane and researching my options when I stumbled upon The Love Vitamin.

Tracy’s approach to skin care in Naturally Clear Skin just makes sense, more than anything my doctor has told me. And it works! I’m nourishing my body and my skin is healthier for it. I feel confident, beautiful, and like my skin is finally glowing.

- Meagan H, 30, Saskatchewan

"I’ve had amazing results not just in my skin, but in my self compassion. I’m so much happier"

I loved your ebook, which is like a handbook for clearing acne. I was suffering from severe cystic acne post pill and I’ve had amazing results not just in my skin but in my self compassion and my whole lifestyle has changed.

I’m so much happier. I love you Tracy! You saved me from a very dark place!

- Rachel W, 28, Hong Kong

"My acne is 100x better than it used to be!!"

I was struggling with cystic adult acne before discovering The Love Vitamin, but with your help,.

I’ve changed my diet dramatically from the typical SAD diet to a much healthier way of eating. I now only get occasional breakouts or blackheads!! 100x better than it used to be!!

- Haley F, 20, Michigan

Note: This is an electronic, downloadable product and no physical product will be shipped. Upon purchase you will immediately receive access to the secure download page.

Lots of love,
Tracy Raftl
Tracy Raftl

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