True freedom from acne - mind, body and spirit.
Don't let the fear of acne haunt you any longer

Post Acne Syndrome

Does any of the following sound like you?

  • Your skin is clear now, or nearly clear most of the time but you may still get minor breakouts here and there
  • Yet you're still absolutely terrified of acne. It consumes your thoughts. The idea of it coming back is the worst thing ever and sends you into a fit of anxiety at the slightest trigger
  • Even though you're (mostly) clear, you still fully identify as a person with acne and expect the acne to come back
  • You obsessively try to control everything with an iron grip - your food, your diet, your skin care routine - to ensure it doesn't come back. Yet this is incredibly stressful and definitely not fun.
  • You feel trapped in his house of fear you've built yourself. You know the fear is limiting your life (almost as bad as the acne itself) but you just don't know what to do.
  • You feel helpless and frustrated about the whole situation

If the above sounds like you, you're definitely not alone. It's a trap that many of us fall into ... ie. after we are clear or mostly clear, we still can't seem to enjoy our lives because we're so terrified that the acne that we worked so hard to get rid of might come back.

I spent three years after I got rid of my severe acne in a cycle of fear just like this. The severe acne was the most emotionally painful thing I had ever experienced and feeling like that again was the most horrifying thing I could imagine.

So I was very obsessive.... especially about my food, in order to try and make sure it never came back.

But as a result, I felt really limited. Like I could never really be truly free as long as acne was still a part of my life, haunting me like this.

I was afraid that I'd never be able to travel again (a great passion of mine) or eat at restaurants with friends without worrying about my food. Because every time I had a minor breakout, or if I ate something unhealthy, it would send me into a tailspin of fear, loathing, and anxiety.

I hated that. In fact, it killed me a little bit inside knowing that acne was still ruining my life, even after I had gotten rid of it.

I knew it wasn't right.

But I didn't know what to do.

Getting Over ItWould I really ever be able to truly remove acne from my identity? Have it be something that was truly no longer part of my life?

You know... the way healthy, clear people live. They live a healthy life, but they don't obsess about their food or spend hours in front of the mirror, or go to pieces if they miss a day of washing their face. They just live their life, doing things they love. If they get a pimple, they just get on with life.

Acne isn't even a part of their world.

I wondered if it was possible for me - someone who was so emotionally scarred by my experience with acne - to ever get to a place where acne wasn't even a thing.

Where I could get a pimple and not care. Where I could live a healthy lifestyle, but not freak out if I had one unhealthy meal. Where acne wasn't constantly on my mind.

I hoped it was possible, but I didn't know.

Well I am SUPER excited to tell you that I cracked the nut.

Acne is GONE from my life.

My experience now and what you can also look forward to experiencing:

  • If I get a pimple now, I don't care. It doesn't bother me AT ALL. I just shrug and get on with it. No anxiety!
  • I hardly ever think about my skin. I spend almost no time thinking about it or looking at it in the mirror.
  • I live a healthy lifestyle, yet I give myself a TON of leeway. I eat for the soul, enjoy ALL of my food, and never worry about how food will affect my skin
  • I travel now for months at a time, spend time with friends, go on short holidays, and I am only excited (I used to only think about what it would do to my skin; not how excited I was)
  • I no longer make decisions based on my skin
  • I feel truly, completely, 100% free. Acne is no longer a part of my life - physically, emotionally or spiritually

This Program is What You Need to Heal Your
Mind & Spirit & Truly Let Acne Go

Struggling with this post-acne fear was almost as bad as dealing with acne itself. It limited me just as much, but in a different way. And with freedom being a high value of mine, I wasn't content with just letting this control my life.

I figured that if this was such a big deal for me, I couldn't be alone in this, so I decided to create this short 3 part audio program to help you move past it and truly let acne go from your life,

In it, I share with you all the secrets that allowed me to move into my new identity as a truly clear person - in mind, body, and spirit - and how you can too.

This was a long, frustrating journey for me to figure out what worked, which is why I want you to give my exact system and shortcuts so you can fast track it.

Post Acne Syndrome

What's Included - Program Breakdown


Post Acne Audio ProgramThe 3 Part Audio Series - Worth $67

The audio series in the main part of the program, where I let you know exactly how you can go from scared and full of anxiety about acne coming back, to feeling like acne isn't even a part of your world.

Complete freedom, in only 3 easy steps (with one bonus step!). Each audio runs for approximately 20 minutes.

Post Acne Workbook CoverPost Acne Syndrome Workbook - worth $19

Get the most out of this program by going through the workbook and doing the provided journalling exercises that accompany the audio. After all, results come from taking action, not just from listening to something!

Post Acne Transcript CoverPost Acne Syndrome Transcript - worth $11

Prefer reading over listening? Or just want a transcript to refer back to easily? Here it is - everything in the audio typed up into a nice 40 page ebook.

Acne Doesn't Have to Be a Part of Who You Are

Finally... you'll be free to live a life where every decision isn't based around your skin. Where anxiety about your skin doesn't exist. Where you never even think about your skin.

Can you imagine that?

  • Eating with your friends and family or on vacation without thinking about what it will do to your skin
  • Spending your time doing things you love, instead of spending your time staring in the mirror, scared, and thinking up new ways to be more strict about your lifestyle
  • Literally not caring at all if you do get a pimple, because you know you have so much to offer the world that a pimple simply can't hold you back
  • Being like those people you are always jealous of.... people who have clear skin and never spend a second of their lives thinking or worrying about acne
  • Feeling true, pure, full freedom from acne

The Love Vitamin Tracy RaftlI know it's been like a dream come true for me, and I want the same for you.

So what are you waiting for?

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Lots of love,
Tracy Raftl
Tracy Raftl

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