How I cleared all my clogged pores in less than three weeksAre you sick of clogged pores stuffing up your skin? Whiteheads, blackheads, and little bumps?

Well you might want to listen up – I have managed to clear pretty much all the congestion off my forehead within a couple of weeks by doing a very simple thing that takes me less than 10 seconds a day.

What Is It? What Did You Do?

Well, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been doing the caveman regimen for the last seven months. That means doing nothing to my face – no washing it, no moisturizing, no nothing. I don’t even let water touch it 90% of the time.

This has reduced the amount of inflamed acne that I get, but I can’t say it has necessarily prevented clogged pores. I wouldn’t say it’s made it worse – I’ve always had some pretty persistent congestion on my forehead – but it hasn’t really improved it either.

I’d been noticing that my forehead was looking particularly bumpy with whiteheads lately, which I assume is because I’ve been a bit more slacker with my diet over the summer. For me and many, it seems that forehead acne is linked to digestion.

Anyway – I’ve really been enjoying not doing anything to my face at all on the caveman regimen, but I decided maybe a little experiment was in order. 

Okay, Tell Me

Well, I just got out my bottle of cold pressed jojoba oil that I had lying around from before my caveman days. Once a day, I’ve been putting a very tiny amount on my finger, and taking ten seconds to gently rub it into my forehead.

That’s it.

I still don’t wash my face or do anything else. All I did was add this little thing in.

Now almost ALL of the clogged pores on my forehead are gone, and it’s way WAY WAAaay smoother.

Why Does Jojoba Oil Unclog Pores?

Other oils may work to do the same thing, but jojoba oil is renowned for this particular task because it’s the oil that is the closest resembles our own sebum. So it gets in the pore, mixes with the hardened sebum plug, dissolves it, and unclogs the pore. It also reduces oiliness by tricking your pores into thinking it’s produced enough oil already.

It doesn’t happen right away though. The first couple of weeks, nothing happened. No improvement was to be seen anywhere. And many people often note that things seem to get worse when they start using jojoba oil – there is a purging period where they break out in tiny whiteheads and small pimples.

Slowly but surely, things started to get better though. And it really works! It’s been three weeks now, and my forehead is so smooth. It’s great!

Will This Work For You?

After getting tons of feedback from people about jojoba oil, I get the impression that jojoba is best suited to oily-ish, prone-to-clogs skin types, as it can be slightly drying. That’s why it works so great on my forehead, which is this skin type.

However, while jojoba doesn’t make it worse, I don’t think jojoba oil provides any miracles for my chin, which is more prone to dry, inflamed hormonal acne – not oily cloggy skin. Which is why I’m not bothering to use it on that part of my face. Read this article to get a better idea of which oils might be better suited for dry-ish skin types.

And to find out which type of jojoba oil I use and how to choose a good brand and quality, read this past article of mine:

How to Choose the Right Jojoba Oil for Your Acne Prone Skin

My Jojobes-On-Forehead Technique Live Demo:


Have you managed to find an effective way to clear your clogged pores? Share in the comments below.